Download KMSpico 11 For Windows 7,10

Download KMSpico 11 For Windows 7 Version [Updated 2020]

KMSpico 11 For Windows 7 going to activate your Windows 10 free of cost? if you are want to know then you are at the right place.

Because in today’s guide I am going to share with you the best way to get a genuine license without paying money. Yes, you heard that right.

The method which I am going to share is totally free and you haven’t even need to pay a penny for it. So, basically we are going to use a tool named KMSPico 11.

This is the latest and updated version of all the KMS activator tools and now it supports the latest update as well.

Software NameKMSpico 11
DeveloperOfficial KMspico
Downloads3 Million +
Last Updated1day ago

What is KMSPico 11

KMSPico 11 is a tool that is used to activate Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. This tool is developed by the most famous team named Team Daz who made other similar activators like this.

These activators include KMSAuto Net, Windows 7 Loader, RemoveWAT and other famous tools.

What is KMSpico

Basically these types of tools are inspired by Microsoft’s own technology named as Key Management Server in short KMS.

This technology was introduced for the big company or business owners. It is because they face an issue to purchase a license for a separate PC.

Also, updating each Windows and then activating them separately consumes their precious time.

This is the reason why Bill Gates announced this KMS Server technology. So, now all the computers of a specific company connect to a server which includes their license.

Now, whenever they installed a new window and connect their computer with that server it automatically licences.

This application does the same thing, it connects your computer to a server which includes registration information.

The license which you get will be 100% genuine and Microsoft will not ban it from their servers. This activation will remain for 180 days only so to keep the system activated it will ask to connect internet once in 180 days.

Why Use KMSPico 11 On Windows 7

Yeah, that’s a good question. So, as we know that the Microsoft Windows Operating System is being used worldwide. There are millions of its users from the globe who prefer this OS on their machine.

The reason why they prefer it is that Windows works on GUI technology. GUI means Graphical User Interface that means you can perform any question by just clicking on the icons.

Everything is visible in the GUI Operating System so there is no need to have an advanced skill to operate it. In this way, a small kid can also operate it by clicking on the icons.

It is totally different in other OS like Linux etc because they are CLI (Command Line Interface). These Operating System works on texts so even you want to copy or delete something you have to type code for it.

Now the problem comes here is that Windows OS is premium while Linux, Unix or MS-DOS are totally free to use. If we purchase a license for Windows 10 or 8 it will cost around 300 US Dollars.

This is quite a huge amount that not everyone can afford and at this place, we use KMSPico 11. Because by using this we will get the genuine license free of cost without paying a penny.


KMSPico 11 Features


Since we have learned how useful is this tool and wanted to give a try to it then first read this feature list. Because by reading this you will get more ideas on what you are going to download. So, let’s check out the amazing features of KMSPico 11:

Supports Windows

We have already talked about this feature and most of us already know about this. I am adding it here because this is the major feature of it which makes it worthy. This tool allows you to activate Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.

All Edition Support

KMSPico 11 doesn’t only work on a specific edition or the version of Windows but it supports all the editions. Whether you are using a Professional, Home, Ultimate, School or other types of Edition. This single tool is enough to give you a license for all of them.

Supports Office

Now, this is what most of you don’t know about. KMSPico 11 is the best tool which not only helpful for Windows but now you can activate Office as well.

This single tool supports almost all Office versions so now you can get the license for Office 2013, 2016, and 365 respectively.

N-Bit Support

There are many people who get confused about which architecture build they are using. That’s why they face the issue and install software that only supports a 64-bit processor on a 32-bit supported device.

But now that issue is solved as well because this single application now works on both architectures without any issue.

Full Offline

Are you travelling somewhere or you don’t have access to the internet? Well! don’t worry. Because this tool doesn’t require to have an internet connection.

It works totally offline but makes sure to connect with the internet once every 180 days. Otherwise, you may lose the activation and then require to use that tool again.

Lifetime Activation

Now, this is something great which you cannot see most of the activator tools. This application will provide you with a permanent activation solution. By activating once it will remain for the rest of life or until you install a fresh new Windows.

Virus Free

There are many people who face a problem when they try to use an activation tool. Most of them have a complaint they face virus issues and data corrupt etc.

But now this problem is also solved as this tool is scanned by Virus tool and it doesn’t find any type of malicious code inside it.

Easy User-Interface

Have you used any other tool except this? I am sure you faced any issue when operating. Because they have some unwanted options which shouldn’t be there.

In this way, people feel uncomfortable when activating there Windows. But this tool has a simple and unique user-interface which is easy to understand.

Free of Cost

I have searched for an activator on the internet but sadly they are paid. Those who were free contains virus and malware inside it which can damage a computer.

So, now don’t worry about this anymore because as I said it is developed by the Team Daz. That’s why there is no need to pay money and it can be used on as many machines as you want.

Download KMSpico 11 Windows 7

After reading it’s a feature I am sure you fell in love with this tool. If yes then your wait is finally over. Because here is the guide in which you learn how to download KMSPico 11 by using our website.

It is very easy to download any app from our website because we don’t use any pop-up or pop-under ads. Because we don’t want our visitors to get disturbed or angry by facing such ads.

This guide is only for those who came to our website for the first time. If you are an old user then you already know the right way. Ok so here are the steps which you need to follow:

Click on the button which is given below in this guide and it will take you to our download page.

On this page, you can see the information of a tool like it’s size, version information, total downloads, rating and so on. Under that information table, you can see another download button.

Just click on that button and it will open a new tab, in this tab you will be redirected to the Mega Cloud Storage website. Now wait for some time until it loads completely and then you will notice two buttons there. 1. Import To (Mega Icon) and 2. Download In Browser.

Download KMSpico 11

 In case if you want to download this application to another device or want to download it later then click on Import to Mega (must have a Mega account). Otherwise, just click on the second button which is download in the browser and it will start downloading there.

Within some time the application will be downloaded and then it will be added in the browser’s Download tab. Now go to My Documents and then Downloads and here you can see a new file labelled KMSPico

That’s it the file is now successfully downloaded in your system. Also, it may ask you for confirmation if you want to keep this file or not. So, make sure to click on “Yes Keep Dangerous File”. It is just a warning and a normal sign so don’t get hesitate.

How To Install KMSPico 11 On Windows 7, 10

Now as we have downloaded this application from our website. It’s time to check the proper way to install it because there are some steps that we need to follow. So, let’s check out these steps.

Ok, so first all we need to disable our Windows Defender or any other Antivirus tool is installed. It is not because this contains the virus but these types of activator tools are blacklisted by Microsoft and other Antivirus. To disable Windows Defender follow below steps:

  • Open Start Menu and search for Windows Defender or simply click on Windows Logo Key + R and type windowsdefender:// to launch Windows Defender.
  • Now click on Virus & Threat Protection and then click on Virus & Threat Protection Settings or click on Manage Settings (for Updated Windows users).
  • From here disable Real-Time Protection and Cloud-Delivered Protection by using the slider button.

disable Real-Time Protection

These are simple steps that you can follow to disable Windows Defender. In case you are using a third-party tool then simply right-click on its icon from the system tray and click close. If it doesn’t work then search on Google.

After this follow these steps to install it in a proper way:

1. Close all the programs if any running in the background and then open My Documents > Downloads and find that file. If you have moved it or downloaded anywhere else then open that folder and look for KMSPico

2. After this, you will need to extract it by using any tool like WinRar, 7Zip or PeaZip. It will create a new folder there with the name of that file.

3. Open that folder and you will see KMSPico 11.exe so just right-click on that file and click on Run as Administrator. It will then open a new window so follow all the instructions you see there and it will be installed within some time.

Open KMSpico 11

That’s it the application is now successfully installed on your computer. Now it’s time to learn how we can activate Windows 10 or 8 using KMSPico 11. Below is the complete guide which you need to follow.

Complete installation of KMSpico 11 2020

Activate Windows 7, 8, & 10

I just installed this application on your computer and now wanted to learn the proper installation process. Then follow these simple step by step guide:

  1. After installing KMSPico 11 make sure to reboot your computer and then again disable Windows Defender by following the above steps.
  2. Now open Start Menu and then search for KMSPico and you will see its icon there.
  3. Right-click on the program and click on Run as Administrator.
  4. It will launch a new window with a Red button and Windows 10 icon there.
  5. KMSpico 11
  6. Don’t touch any other option just click on a Red Button and wait for some time,
  7. After some time you will hear a notification saying Affirmative” and then another notification saying “Program Completed”.zProgram Complete

That’s it now check if there is a green background in Windows 10 logo. If you see that that means the Windows is now successfully activated.

To check Windows Activation restart your computer and then Right-Click on My Computer > Properties. Scroll down to the Windows activation section and you notice Windows is Activated.

Remove KMSPico 11

Are you still afraid that it will get your personal information? Then don’t worry because after activation we are not required to have this program anymore. So, if you wanted to uninstall KMSPico 11 from your computer then keep reading this guide.

Here is the step by step guide to completely remove this Windows 7, 8, 10 activator:

Method 1: Using Control Panel

This is the first method in which we uninstall this software by using Control Panel. Now in this method, we don’t need to have any third-party software. Ok, so let’s move to the steps without wasting time:

  • Open Start Menu by clicking on Windows Logo key or from Taskbar and search for Control Panel and open the first result you see. Alternatively, you can press the Windows Logo Key + R button at the same time and type Control Panel in the dialogue box and hit enter.
  • Check at the right-side above and click on View By and set it to Category.
  • Now scroll down and check on Uninstall a Program under Programs category.
  • Here you will see the list of all installed software on your computer. Just click on sort by name and find KMSPico 11 there.
  • After this simply double click the icon or right-click and then click on the Uninstall button. It will open a new window so just follow the instruction you see there.

That’s it now within some time the program will be completely removed from your machine.

This doesn’t remove the program files so if you wanted to remove its files and uninstall it completely. Then follow our next method in which we use a program called IObit uninstaller.

Method 2: Using 3rd Party Uninstaller

This is the best method that not only uninstalls the program but also removes unusual files created by this program. In this way, you will be 100% satisfied that the program is removed.

  • First, we need to download and install IObit uninstaller tool by following this link: IObit Uninstaller Free Download
  • Now install it on your computer and then open that program. Here you will see all the installed applications.
  • Just scroll down and find the KMSPico 11 in this list or go to recently installed to find all newly installed applications.
  • Now click on the checkbox and then click on the Uninstall button which appears there.
  • After clicking on this it will open a new window and from here check to Remove Residual Files.
  • Then just click on the uninstall button again and the program will be uninstalled shortly.

That’s all this is the permanent solution and it will remove all the files from your computer.

Frequently Asked Questions

You just loved this tool? but you are still confused at some points? Don’t worry here is the list of some most asked questions from the internet.

I have collected these from forums like Quora, My Digital Life, etc and answered these questions. You will surely find all the relevant answers here but if this doesn’t work then feel free to ask in the comment section. I would love to hear from you and would like to help my visitors so don’t hesitate to ask.

Q1) Is Kmspico 11 New Version?

Yes, this is the latest version of the most famous KMSPico tool. This application is updated on 8th January 2020. In this update, you can now activate the latest build of Windows 10, 8, 8.1 and 7.

Q2) Who Developed Kmspico 11 Again?

KMSPico is the project of Team Daz and it is a completely open-source program. Other developers have also contributed in it but this latest 11 version is released by Team Daz personally.

Q3) KMSPico 11 Vs KMSAuto?

KMSPico 11 and KMSAuto Net are two different programs with the same work. Both both tools are used to activate Windows 10 and Office. The only difference is the User-Interface and developer.

Q4) Does KMSpico 11 is Final Version Of KMS?

Maybe, we cannot say anything because previously developer said there will be no update after 10.2 updates. But as the Windows update came they also updated this tool.

So, we can guess that until Microsoft updates its Windows the developer will surely work on this project.

Q5) How Can I Uninstall KMspico 11 After Registration?

KMSPico 11 is the best tool to activate Windows 7, 8, and 10 without any issue. This program doesn’t contain any type of virus so it doesn’t harm our computer. But if you are still afraid than going above and check my uninstallation guide carefully.


There is no doubt that KMSPico 11 windows 7 is the best update ever given by Team Daz to us. It has a lot of benefits and works like a charm on any computer.

This application doesn’t occupy a lot of storage in your hard disk neither it works in the background.

It is the only application which is 100% safe from virus and Team Daz has guaranteed about this. If you are downloading from any other source than we don’t guarantee if that contains a virus or not.

I am personally using this application to activate my Windows 10 and Office as well.

That’s why feel free to download this amazing application and get a genuine license free of cost. Somehow if you don’t know the proper way of activation then go above and check my guide on it.

Also, I have written a complete guide on installation and downloading so the new user can get it without any problem.

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